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What Are the Various Kinds of Liquor?

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It’s important to know what kinds of liquor are out there, whether you’re getting into distilled spirits for the first time or you are growing the drinks in your house. knowing the various kinds of liquor produces a foundation for moving onto mixed drinks and cocktails. Also, it enables you to know the ideal way to drink every spirit, either in a beverage or by itself.

Liquor serves as a basic addition to most mixed drinks since it’s the base of a lot of cocktails. There are a lot of types of liquor made of all various ingredients. This provides them unique uses and complex flavors. Today, before you buy liquor online, here are several common types that you should know:


Gin is made from neutral grains such as corn, wheat, barley, and rye. It also stays unaged. Thus, it has a clear color. The pine-like and herbal aroma of gin comes from the presence of botanical ingredients, such as juniper berries.

This type of liquor has a dry taste. Thus, it isn’t sweet. It is best partnered with cocktails that aren’t sweet as well.


The process of creating rum doesn’t include fermenting grains, such as brandy and unlike other liquors. Molasses or sugarcane ferment to produce rum. The sweeter spirit comes in a lot of ranges. This includes flavored (coconut and other tropical flavors), over-proof, spiced, gold or amber, dark, and light.


Vodka doesn’t usually age, unlike brandy. That is why the color stays clear. You will discover vodkas with alcohol contents that range from 35 to 52%.

Vodka can be the main ingredient in most drinks since it’s one of the most common forms of hard liquor nowadays. Because of the neutral flavor of vodka, its uses vary from complex to simple. You can pair with multiple or single liquor. Though vodka comes in a range of flavors, these mixed drinks utilize the standard form and add other flavorings.


The category of brandy includes another associated spirit, just like whiskey. It is cognac. However, brandy is made with fermented fruit rather than grain, unlike other hard liquors. Almost every time, the fruits in brandy include peaches, cherries, apricots, apples, and grapes.

Brandy has almost the same taste as wine because of the fruit-based ingredients. The liquor ages in wood barrels, usually oak. It also produces a burnt taste aside from the wine-like taste. Also, brandy has a higher alcohol content compared to wine. It’s typically round 40 up to 50%.


Whiskey involves a range of spirits since it is one of the most complicated categories of liquor. Whiskey, bourbon, and scotch all fall under the category of whiskey. The area of the creation of the spirit is part of what determines the various names. For instance, scotch whiskey normally comes from Scotland. On the other hand, bourbon is made in the United States. Finally, Irish whiskey is made from Ireland. Also, the ingredients and other rules play a part in naming that particular whiskey.

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